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Some of The Great Ways to Spend Time When Visiting Mount Abu

Mount Abu is sometimes called ‘an oasis in the desert’ because of the presence of serene rivers, enchanting waterfalls and lakes and breathtakingly beautiful greenery. It is the only hill station in the desert state of Rajasthan and offers a much-needed reprieve from the scorching heat in the summer. 

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Camping is an activity that can be enjoyed both while solo travelling and while traveling with friends or family. Enjoying the majestic beauty of the night sky and looking up to the starlit sky is indeed a lovely experience. This feeling is heightened in the summer months and is not quite as same in any other season because the starts will be blocked by rainy clouds in the monsoon and the night time is too cold in the winter months. 

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Rock Climbing

The thrill that is offered while rock climbing is not easily substituted by any other activity. In the beginning and learning stages, experts and guides will help you get better at it and gradually as you learn, you begin to enjoy the experience even more. During the winter months, even with shoes with strong grips, the moisture in the atmosphere does not allow for a good rock climbing experience. 


Exploring routes that go through the Aravalli Range is not only a challenging but also fun experience. The paths can get difficult at times but overall tracks are easy and can be covered in a day. A lot of trekking paths start in Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary thus you can expect to encounter several breathtaking animals and fine specimens of flora. Consider Rajasthan holiday packages to experience the wildlife in Mount Abu while trekking.

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Nakki Lake

A lot of interesting stories are attached to this lake and it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mount Abu. The surrounding beauty of the greenery around the lake adds an aura of mysticism and serenity to the entire lake. The presence of several popular tourist locations near the lake also makes the visit a simple and convenient one. 

Dilwara Temples

Widely regarded by many as one of the topmost Jain pilgrimage sites in the world, the Dilwara Temples were built several centuries ago between the 11th and 13th centuries AD. The detail in the marble carvings has withstood the test of time. The construction of the temple was done with integral Jain values such as simplicity and honesty at the back of the minds of the builders. The straightforwardness of the temple can also be deceiving from the outside but from the inside beautiful carvings and design make your eyes glow. 

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Mount Abu has a host of sightseeing locations for both the nature lover as well as a lover of history. The presence of forts and temples along with beautiful lakes and hills is what adds to the appeal of this place.
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A Few Very Famous and Gorgeous Churches in Kerala

We all know that Kerala is known for its exquisite Western Ghats, rich green valleys, silvery waterfalls, hidden lakes and awe-inspiring backwaters, the list is not over yet, once you are done exploring these natural wonders of Kerala, spare some time for the gorgeous churches of Kerala. You don’t have to be religious to visit these stunning architectures. We guarantee you will even forget to blink your eye once you visit these famous churches with your Kerala tour packages.

So, let’s explore the list:

1. Santa Cruz Basilica, Kochi  

A standout amongst the most acclaimed houses of worship in Kerala, Santa Cruz Basilica is one among the 8 Basilicas. The place is a delightful church situated in Fort Kochi. Known for fantastic Indo-European and Gothic design, frescos and murals, historical paintings, this church is over 500 years of age and was built in 1500 CE, during the onset of Portuguese period. The church has seen many makeovers over the years with the last restoration done in the year 1905.

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2. Nadamel Marth Mariam Church, Kochi 

Another famous tourist attraction, Nadamel Marth Mariam Church was patronized by the Royal Family of Cochin and is one of the noteworthy names among Jacobite churches in Kerala. The royal family ensures all the traditions are followed and one that is of supreme importance is every new successor of the family has to make a personal visit to the church, meeting the leaders and bishops and offer sharkara thattu vijapur (jaggery) at the church.

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3. St. Francis Church, Kochi 

Dated back to 1503, St. Francis Church is the first Christian church in Kerala and is the most popular tourist attraction. It is the place where in the year 1524 Vasco Da Gama was buried. The roof framed with timber is covered with tiles, frescos, stained glasses and white façade toss a dash of pleasure on every visitor. The church has a big lawn and, in the middle, stands a war memorial, in the loving memory of Kerala people who sacrificed their lives in the First world war.

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4. Lourdes Forane Church, Trivandrum

Lourdes Forane Church is one of the acclaimed holy places in Trivandrum, the Church has an overpowering elegance and serenity. The interiors are done with wood, the framed alter, paintings and arches showcase the past glories while enhancing the charismatic quotient of the place.

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5. St. George Church, Ernakulam

Established in the year 1905 by St. Gregorious of Parumala, the place is known for possessing the Girdle of Mother Mary. People from every part of the world visit the place to seek the blessings of the holy St. George, globally known as Edappally Punyalan.

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6. Arthunkal Church, Alappuzha 

The place is also known as the St. Andrews Basilica and is sited 22km. North of Alappuzha. Built in 16th Century by the missionaries of Portuguese, the church claims to be the world’s greatest Memorial of St. Sebastian. In the year 2010, the church was crowned as a basilica and since then it has been the centre of attraction for devotees of all origins. People visit this holy place throughout the year. The place celebrates Arthunkal feast every year in January.

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7. Vimalagiri Church, Kottayam

Bestowed with the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Vimalagiri Church is another famous tourist attraction. Popularly known as the Angathattu Palli, the church features a stunning Gothic style architecture. Another eminent feature of the church is its towers, approx. 172 ft., tallest in the state.

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8. Pallikunnu Church, Wayanad

Located at Meenangadi, Pallikunnu is a Latin catholic church, built in the year 1908, by Fr. Jefreno, a French priest in the name of “Our Lady of Lourdes”. The church is known for its selenic beauty and many of the traditions and ceremonies followed are similar to the Hindu temples.

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9. Catholic Rosary Church, Thalassery

Nothing less than a treasure to the state, the Catholic Rosary Church owes an incredible craftsmanship, with colonial architecture, frescos, stained glasses and an eclectic façade, it is a must visit place in your Kerala tour packages. The place is a perfect destination with beach and Thalassery fort.

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10. St. Alphonsa’s Church, Bharananganam

Located in Bharananganam, district Kottayam, the generous red brick structure of St. Alphonsa’s Church is one of the picturesque Christian churches of Kerala. The congregation was built up after the canonization of a famous Indian saint, St. Alphonsa. In the year 1946, her mortal remains were buried here and hence the place became an important pilgrim for people visiting the place from various parts of the state. Every year in the month of July, the place celebrates St. Alphonsa’s feast, which is another important attraction for the tourists.

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We have done our work, now it’s time for you to book your package for Kerala and explore some of the most beautiful architectural pieces of the state.
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A Long and Refreshing Tour Around Mumbai

Packed plenteously with long weekends, the year 2018 is offering seamless opportunities to vacationers across the globe to bag perfect memoirs with a great holiday. Majority of the worn-out city inhabitants and aching souls have already started penning down the thoughts for their exciting outings; while some are looking for places where they can achieve rejuvenation for their souls, there are few seeking destinations to satisfy their exploratory selves.

Well! For those living in and around Mumbai, we are sure, finding yourself a perfect holiday spot would not be a herculean task, as the area is backed with ample places to cater to the needs of each type of vacationer. But, if you are not from this native place and still want to explore this part of India, we, reputed tours and travels in Mumbai, bring to you a list of top and best places to visit near Mumbai. We know the list below has that one place you want as your dream destination this vacation. 

So, here goes the list….


A grand hill retreat in the regions of Vidarbha, Chikhaldara is located 650 km. through NH53. It is not required to mention that this picturesque hill town is sanctified with immaculate natural munificence speckled with aromatic coffee plantation, serene lakes and torrential waterfalls. Some common activities to list include – nature walks, fishing, angling and boating, however, if you have trekking in mind, there is the Gavilgad Fort, a 300 years old fortress ready to offer its visitors with the best ever hiking experience. Then there is ‘Melghat Tiger Reserve’ for the wild-life enthusiasts, the place is Chikhaldara’s leading vacationer attraction and abode to over and above 80 tigers and a range of other mysterious flora and fauna. A jeep safari to the place is must for every nature photographer and of course wild life lover.

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Karnala Bird Sanctuary

As the name suggests, the place is native soil to myriad species of vivacious birds and hence is another popular destination that lies over the splendid Sahayadri Ranges, about 65 km. to the south of Mumbai. The sanctuary is spread across an area of about 12.11 sq km, is a must visit if you love to be in the company of feathered friends and nature of course. Some species here include: Malabar Whistling Thrush, Malabar Grey Hornbills, Niligiri Woodpigeons, Golden Backed Woodpecker, Racket-Tailed Drongos, Paradise Fly Catchers and Magpie Robins to name a few. Besides, there lies a historic ‘Karnala Fort’ an hour drive from the sanctuary. Before we forget to mention, a cool and unpolluted breeze and magnificent panoramas of the Sahayadris will doubtlessly leave you with an amazing experience.

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Alibaug, what to say about this place, a stunning destination that has remained favourite and attracted families and couples alike. Located almost 100 km from the bustling Mumbai, the spot is flooded with incomparable tropical landscape and dabbed with lavish mango orchards, gorgeous chikoo-wadis, swaying paddy fields, beyond doubts makes for a perfect weekend retreat. While you might not want to detach your soul from the tranquillity of the place; but then we suggest you to visit ‘Kulaba Fort’, a historic tourist attraction and a great many temples (hill temples of Vikram Vinayak’ and ‘Kanakeshwar Devasthan’) in the vicinity of Alibaug that helps you in retaining that sense of spirituality and divinity.

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Yet another stunning destination, Kamshet is popularly known as the ‘Paraglider’s Paradise’. The name says it all, the major draw here are the adventure sports like- paragliding, thermal soaring and hand gliding. In case you are more of an explorer, then the place has something unconventional for you, which are a number of stunning, ancient Buddhist rock-cut caverns like Bhaja, Bedse and karla, mark the region and we are sure that the place gives you an awe-inspiring treat observing and exploring them. Then there are historic forts of ‘Visapur’ and ‘Lohgad’, again a must visits places if you are still left with some more energies to put them on a trek. The place has something very soothing for its laidback visitors- the peaceful ‘Pawana lake’. The place is best for relaxing, for a fun family picnic and for a wonderful boat ride.

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Morachi Chincholi

With the English meaning ‘the village of tamarind trees’, Morachi Chincholi is an atypical and quirky place for nature and bird lovers. The peaceful home to multicoloured peacocks, the place is known for its amazing and hypnotic sights of these beautiful and stunning beauties perched over the cottage roofs, tree tops and veiling under the tamarind trees and not to forget – dancing in fields and ranches. You don’t have to travel miles to meet them in person, you will find them roaming around you, welcoming you i.e. to every nook and cranny of this place. For kids and adults, it is an unforgettable experience. Spend time at one of the best agro-tourism spots, which will offer you to experience the good old rural days, enjoying tractor and bullock cart rides, making the best use of your hands – plucking vegetables, ploughing, watching puppet shows and restoring old memories while playing rural games.

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These were just a few destinations, but the list is not yet over. There are places like Bhandardara, Kolad, Bhimashankar, Saputara and Nasik that are equally mesmerizing.

We all know the importance of vacations and holiday trips, its kind of rejuvenate us from inside and add positivity and harmony among family members, besides giving us break from the monstrous routines that we all have back in our city life. So, the next time you are getting a chance to break your routine and reconnect with your inner self, do not miss the chance and connect with the best tours and travels in Mumbai.
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Lavish Tours to North-East India

It is so excellent that it defies belief, talk to those returning vacationers from North east India and you may even get to know that some of them wish to settle in North east. With an overabundance of tourist places, no-rush ambiance where you sigh in awe and breathe in the unpolluted air, North-East is our country’s paradise getaway. The places here boast of such hypnotizing yet natural wonders, a view of which remains in one’s memory forever. This is the reason, if you have a pending vacation that you want to spend with either family or friend, make sure you opt for North East India holiday packages because we guarantee you don’t want to miss such astonishing sights like: crystal clear river bed, ancient root bridge or sight of a floating lake. If these few lines have tickled your curiosity bone, then we are sure in the next few minutes you will come up with your next dream holiday destination.

Places You can Visit in North East India

1) An Old-fashioned Village Mawphanlur in West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya – Located at about 85 Km from Shillong, Mawphanlur is a picture-perfect and a blissful place, best for soul-searchers or for someone who wants to get away from the madness of metro cities. The place offers green rolling hills generously decked with tiny white-dotted flowers. Besides, the shimmering sizable pond is a definitive appeal among thousands of vacationers all across the globe. 

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2) Manipur’s Natural Freshwater Loktak Lake – Located in Manipur, this floating lake is a splendor from Mother Nature and what makes this place so special – it is the world’s first and only floating national park. Its copious mucky grounds are home to many rare species and endangered animals and birds (425 species of animals and over 100 species of birds), thus an extraordinary experience for both nature and animal lovers. As you row your own boat or hire someone to row it for you, you will have the sight of hypnotic mountains and different types of vegetation, making the overall experience – totally worth it.

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3) Serene Dzukou Valley Bordering Manipur and Nagaland – An enthralling picturesque beauty far from all the development and industrialization is what you will experience at Dzukou. It is the bordering valley of Manipur and Nagaland; the place is known for its calm mumble of breeze and cool environ that has the power of spellbinding even the wrecked souls.

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4) Shilloi lake of Nagaland – Experience nothing less than a magic at Shilloi lake, located in the South-Eastern part of Nagaland, to be specific in a small district of Phek neighbouring the Indo-Myanmar Border. Protected by spirits of the legends, it is a wonderful place to explore the wildlife, watching various species of beautiful and colourful birds. Enjoy boating with family and be amazed at what Mother Nature has for you.

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5) The Fascinating Krem Dam of Meghalaya – You know what the most daring adventure sport is? You got it right, its CAVING. So, if ecstasy is in your blood, it’s time to pack your bag and reach the Krem Dam, located in Mawsynram, Meghalaya. It’s the place that offers you 3 or more kilometres of dark paradise with astonishing cave wall patterns and cave ponds with water so clean and pious you want to drink it there and then.

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6) Scenic Reiek Mountain of Mizoram – Zigzagging around the swanky green hills, an hour drive from the capital city, Aizawal, you will reach a tiny village of Reiek. Sighting is what this place has to offer, besides, interacting with the people and taking rest in the lap of Mother Nature, however, to tickle your adventure bone, the place will offer its Reiek Tlang for an experience in trekking. We guarantee that every step of yours will witness a spectacular sight that will soothe your eyes and soul alike.

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These were a very few options that we have listed for you, however, there are many more like:

1) Unmapped Bliss of Zemithang in Arunachal Pradesh
2) Meghalaya’s Precious Living Root Bridge and Unsoiled Village, Mawlynnong
3) Majuli of Assam, the Largest Natural River Island 
4) A Sanctified Pilgrimage Place of Gurudongmar Lake in Sikkim
5) Majestic and Peaceful Sialsuk Hmunchung Tlang in Mizoram
6) An Isolated Natural Exquisiteness of The Blue Mountain in Mizoram
7) Hypnotic Natural Marvel of Nongriat in Meghalaya
8) Riveting and Calm Yumthang Valley of Sikkim

So, reading all this might have lifted your feet off the ground, we bet it did!! Which means it's time you book North East India holiday packages.

Important Note: Don’t forget to carry your best camera with you, the sights are so beautiful and enchanting you probably want to capture every little moment spent there.
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A Complete Guide for Choosing A Tour Company

People can go on group tours for various reasons - fun, a special occasion or just work. However, not choosing the right tour company can turn any trip sour and make the entire experience of travel troublesome. If you are planning tours and travels in Mumbai, it is essential to book an established service that has experience in the region. 

Here are a few points to remember while selecting a tour company for your next trip:
  • Budget: While some services may offer you value for money, there are plenty that will just overcharge you. Having a strict budget before you start searching definitely helps narrow down on possible choices. Try to look out for really inexpensive offers as they might often contain hidden costs that the company is not being upfront about. Also, make sure that you know about any additional fees or charges that have to be paid later. You should also mention the group size you are travelling with beforehand and ensure they have experience in dealing with large groups.
  • Past clients: You should do some research regarding the past clients before booking any tour company. Some agencies only cater to families, some are popular with old people while some are better suited for young couples. Make sure you book a service that is appropriate for you and everyone you are travelling with. Most such companies usually have their guest demographics on their website where you can see pictures from previous tours they have organized.
  • Local knowledge: Tour agencies should have local guides who are well-trained and well-informed about the places they visit. Someone who knows the local language, customs and traditions are not only helpful but also important in some places. Guidebooks may be helpful but local guides will know excellent places to explore or to eat at which are not on the map.
  • Activities: Most people book tour agencies so that they can have an organized and balanced schedule so that they can spend time fruitfully by exploring and trying new things. Ask the agency if they organize any group activities or do they leave everyone to their own plans. You don’t want to be sitting around when in a new country and visiting tourist spots as well as tasting the local cuisine should not be missed out on.
  • Safety and reputation: Before making a final decision on a service it is crucial to check the safety record of the company. Make sure it is recognized and accredited by local government bodies and appropriate trade organizations. You can also check their reputation and ratings online by reading reviews. Some agencies may advertise very attractively but reviews by customers will help you get to the bottom of what their service is actually like.

The international travel sector is a rapidly expanding industry and more people are travelling the world today than ever before. Booking the right tour company takes away a lot of mental anxiety and ensures everything goes to plan while you are in a new country.
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Top Five Places You Must Visit When in Spain

Spain is known worldwide for its beautiful beaches, famous football teams, mouth-watering food and for the grandeur of its festivals. Several autonomous areas and islands in the Iberian Peninsula combine to form this culturally diverse nation. The diversity it has to offer is not matched by any other country in the continent. Consider Europe tour packages to have a wonderful time in Spain. 

1. Barcelona

The city of Barcelona is located in the north-eastern part of Spain. It is a major commercial hub and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The vibrant culture, scenic architecture and lively nightlife make it an amazing place to spend time in. It also has in its arsenal several world heritage sites. The works of renowned architect Antoni Gaudi are spread throughout the city with the Sagrada Familia being a notable mention. 

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2. Madrid

Madrid is the largest city in Spain and is also its capital. The Royal Palace of Madrid is home to the Spanish royal family and is one of its most famous landmarks. Madrid has managed to keep a rustic look to its neighborhood despite the fact that it possesses modern infrastructure in vast amounts.

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3. Granada

Home to the world-famous Alhambra, this city is located near the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It also contains rich culture and is the last Moorish stronghold in the continent. The picturesque view of the city from the Alhambra is an amazing addition to the beautiful gardens, ornamental architecture and unique fountains that it possesses. 

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4. Castile and León

A large percentage of the heritage sites in Spain are located in this autonomous community. Ca stile and León are home to 8 World Heritage Sites, 400 museums and several hundred castles. The cultural value these possess is matched by very few throughout Europe. It is also home to the Be jar and Francia mountain ranges that a great addition to its appeal. The state of education and social services is also top notch so a decent stay is almost guaranteed.

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5. Seville

Situated in the southern part of Spain, the city of Seville is known for containing three UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Grand festivals and energetic nightlife are also an amazing feature of this city. The Cathedral which is the resting place of Christopher Columbus is located in Seville. The Alcatraz is another landmark that is considered to be the best example of Mudejar architecture. 

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Spain is a popular tourist destination throughout the globe and has one of the largest tourism industries in the world. Spain is a perfect blend of rapid urbanization coupled with the beauty of nature. The beaches, historical locations and wild fiestas are a once in a lifetime experience for many. The geographic location and culture also make it a premier destination for tourists. Visit for more details.
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Destinations That are Worth Visiting in Dubai

Dubai was famous worldwide in the 1960s due to its dependence on oil as a major source of revenue. Nowadays, the model of business in Dubai has changed drastically. It is now mainly dependent on revenues from tourism, real estate and aviation. Book Dubai Tour Packages as this city was called the best place to live in the Middle East by Mercer. 

Burj Khalifa – Popular worldwide for being the tallest structure in the world, the Burj Khalifa stands at a mammoth 829.8 meters. It is named after the President of Dubai, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Islamic architecture of the region is the basis for its design.

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Dubai Museum – Located within the magnificent Al Fahidi Fort, this is the oldest building in Dubai and was opened to the public in 1971. It is bound to transport you to ancient Dubai and is full of antiques and artefacts from its rich history.  

Palm Jumeirah – A manmade group of islands, the Palm Jumeirah is a popular attraction on offer in Dubai. The Palm consists of various hotels and resorts as well as malls and dining spots. 

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo – A celebration of marine life, this will be an enthralling as well as memorable experience for you. Spend time beside sharks, dolphins, penguins, otters, lionfish and several other marine animals up close and personal. Kids are bound to have an amazing time here.

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary – The principal attraction of this sanctuary is the massive number of migratory birds that visit here. This beautiful wetland and natural reserve are especially popular in the winter months when Pink flamingos can be seen. 

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Ski Dubai – A treat for all ages, Ski Dubai is the first of its kind in the Middle East. It is bound to give you a feel of winter in the land of sand dunes and skyscrapers. Thousands of tones of snow are the base for a whole lot of activities that could only mean unrestricted amusement.  

Burj Al Arab - One of the tallest hotels in the world, the Burj Al Arab is a luxury hotel located on an artificial island a few hundred meters away from Jumeirah beach. This five-star hotel is known worldwide for being lavish and for looking like the structure of the sail of a ship.   

Jumeirah Mosque – This mosque is famous throughout Dubai for its architectural magnificence and religious importance. Built-in Fatimid style, it is also open to non-Muslims thus it can provide you with a lot of knowledge about Islamic culture and values. You are assured to have an enchanting experience of visiting the mosque. 

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The Dubai development model has helped Dubai surface as a global city and a major hub of business in the Middle East. The Emirates which was previously heavily dependent on oil has now diversified into so many fields that oil income accounts for only 5 % of the total revenue. People are attracted worldwide to Dubai tour packages due to their iconic skyscrapers and massive construction projects.